Spring is Almost Here in the Upper Buffalo River Valley!

I bet we get some freezing temps, maybe some snow and ice before it’s all said and done, but spring is almost here in the upper Buffalo River Valley. And I’m so excited to be greeting my old plant friends once again.

Here are some of my favorites to watch for in early spring. You’ll find all of these in the shady, moist areas so common to the Buffalo River Valley. Aside from flowers, though, I like to watch for the greenery of those I know will bloom soon. It’s just nice to see signs of life and know that the forests are waking up again.

  • harbinger of spring (often the very first flower I see)
  • dead nettle and henbit
  • Dutchman’s breeches
  • false rue anemone (true rue anemone is out there too)
  • grape and rattlesnake fern
  • vernal witch hazel (already missed these – they bloom way early, like in Jan-February, sometimes even December)
  • trout lilies (see image at the top of this post)

Hare’s Hideout Primitive Campground

You can find out how to visit us and book a stay HERE. We’ve got lots of wooded areas, creeksides, seeps and springs and waterfalls where these plants can be found.

Get ready for butterflies too! Lots of those to be found around here.

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